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Happy Birthday, Lanham Act!!
75 Years on 5 July 2021

On 5 July 1946, the federal legislation (the Lanham Act) protecting trademarks in the United States became law.  The Lanham Act is named for the Congressman from Texas, Fritz G. Lanham.  It remains--with a few additions over the years--the primary protection for businesses against trademark infringement and unfair competition.  It has added protections against cybersquatting and infringement in the context of the internet to address trademarks in the context of the new technologies.  

Types of IP

Trademarks are often the most valuable intellectual asset of a business.  

As valuable as trademarks may be, it is difficult to place an absolute value on any given trademark.  However, that does not keep some companies from trying to do just that.  Interbrand is one of several companies that applies a proprietary algorithm to determine the most valuable brands and publishes those every October on their website.   Interbrand also breaks out the brands by industry sector--very interesting information.  

Trademarks are often the most valuable intellectual asset of a business.  

Top 10 Most Valuable Brands
according to Interbrand 2020

Apple -- $322, 999m
Amazon -- $200,666m
Microsoft -- $166,001m
Google -- $165,444m
Samsung -- $62,289m 61

Coca-Cola -- $56,894m
Toyota -- $51,595m
Mercedes-Benz -- $49,268m
McDonald's -- $42,816m
Disney -- $40,773m 61

The first registered trademark, Trademark No. 1, was Averill Ready-Mix Paint, 1870.  IP Watchdog has highlighted additional interesting registered trademarks in celebration of the 75th birthday of the Lanham Act.