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Serving as a connecting hub, the ILIPA highlights key events of interest to Illinois creators, protectors and enablers of intellectual property.


Title:  Illinois IP Alliance and IPLAC:  Fun with Non-Fungibles:  What Can NFTs Do for Me?    

Date:   Wednesday, July 15, 2021  
Featuring:  Zach Smolinski, Rumi Morales, and Alex Karana

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Title:  Illinois IP Alliance:  IP Policy and Innovator Perspective on Artificial Intelligence:  A Virtual Chat with the USPTO and entigenlogic(r)

Date:  June 30, 2021   

Featuring:    Charles Kim, Dennis Roberson,  and Pete Prommer
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Title: ILIPA Creators' Roundtable:  IP Supports Innovation, But Does It Support Innovators?
Date: October 20, 2020
Featuring: Prof. James Conley, Josh Malone, Calvin Flowers, Peter Prommer

Title: Overview of the WIPO Guide on Using Inventions in the Public Domain
Video Link:
Date: July, 2020
Featuring: Prof. James Conley

Title: Online, on track:  Designing IP Teaching for Online Learning

Video Link:
Date: July, 2020
Featuring: International Panels of IP Faculty (university-level)

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