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Kids in Technology Class


The ILIPA is dedicated to supporting programs that improve the education and awareness of intellectual property and expand participation from creators, protectors and enablers of IP.

Excited Children in Science Class


The Illinois Intellectual Property Alliance supports and continues the work of the Chicago IP Alliance with the Chicago Science Fair to present the “Most Inventive” award. There is a monetary award for first, second, and third place winners.  In addition, ILIPA provides access to patent attorneys and students who produce a provisional patent application for the First Place Winner.

The Chicago Science Fair is typically at the end of March or early April each year and is held at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Writing on a Notebook


Encouraging creation and innovation and the enabling and protecting of innovations requires continuing education, enthusiasm, and support of young people into intellectual property professions.


To that end, Illinois IP Alliance will support a variety of mentorship activities.

Girls Building Robot


Chicago IP Alliance has been involved with the Girls4Science program in Chicago since 2016, and ILIPA continues with this commitment. Volunteers participate in judging the final presentations of the members of the Girls4Science program across the Chicago area – at Malcolm X College, Olive Harvey College, and the University of St. Francis.


After judging the presentations, volunteers give the girls some information about intellectual property–patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks–pointing out which of the various regimes might be important to them in relation to their projects and presentations.

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