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Knowledge of Intellectual Property and Innovation/Creativity support each other and lead to greater Innovation and Creativity

Much has been produced to help creators and inventors understand how IP can protect their creations and inventions.  This page provides links to some of the articles, syllabi, lessons, and other materials that may be useful in teaching IP informally or in the classroom.  We are always looking for good material--please let us know of recommendations!

Types of IP

Featured in the 8 February 2021 IPWatchdog post, Mary Jones De Leon received her patent  for a cooking apparatus in 1873, the second black woman inventor to receive a patent.  The subject of the patent is the early precursor to the warming steam tables, but also provided dry heat with a "lamp".  

Innovation Maven

Raquel Graham

A veteran marketing strategist and consultant, Raquel Graham Crayton is innovative at every turn.  She started her own business ROQ Innovation after creating a scarf alternative for her children when they refused to wear scarves--NEKZ(R).  Launched on Home Shopping Network, NEKZ(R) sold out in 40 minutes.  Within a year, she repeated this success with HEADLIGHTZ(TM), a rechargeable LED winter beanie for outdoor activities.  

Innovating in Springfield, Illinois!

Sensible Innovations

Using technology honored at the CES Awards, Sensible Innovations has developed a platform to help people with visual impairment or blindness explore their surroundings independently.  Solution architect Rasha Said leads exciting innovation to provide newly-found freedom for exploration and self-confidence on an app.  Learn more at the website.  

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