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Date Held:  June 30, 2021
Organization: USPTO IP Policy

More Info: Join us for an enlightening discussion with  Charles Kim, the co-lead of USPTO IP Policy initiatives in artificial intelligence, and Dennis Roberson, an inventor, entrepreneur, and technology and business consultant who is the Board Chairman of entigenlogic® LLC, a Schaumburg, Illinois-based company providing machine-learning solutions within the AI software marketplace.  Our accomplished panelists will share with us trending USPTO policies that affect emerging technologies, along with the perspective of innovators in the continually evolving AI space.  

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Measuring Business Opportunities

Date Held: June 3, 2021
Organization: Illinois Small Business Development Center

More Info: A lively and  informal discussion with representatives of the Illinois Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the Joseph Center.  Melissa Duff Brown and Andy Pham join Mark Alilovich to understand the importance of how to measure business opportunities and to find business models to increase revenues--all in the context of the business intellectual property.  Hear success stories of some of the companies launched with the help of SBDC.    

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Date Held:  March 23, 2021
Organization: Illinois IP Alliance

More Info: Please join us for a lively discussion.  Both entrepreneurs share their own stories, thought processes and motivations to pursue innovative ideas.  Learn from their experiences in translating innovations to successful business ventures, including personnel priorities, funding opportunities and difficulties, start-up issues, and the availability and priority of IP protections.  

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Date Held: November 13, 2020

Organization: John Marshall Law School

More Info: The Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference provides an exceptional opportunity to meet with newsmakers and influencers, to learn and discuss the most exciting and important developments in the field, and to be empowered to help create better laws and policies that promote innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. A mainstay in IP CLE programming, the conference is known for its highly interactive format.

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Date Held: November 10, 2020
Organization: Illinois IP Alliance

More Info: ILIPA hosted a discussion with the Director of Midwest Regional USPTO, Damian Porcari. Director Porcari spoke about initiatives of the Midwest Regional USPTO and how it supports innovators in Illinois. The presentation can be seen below.

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Date Held: October 20, 2020
Organization: Illinois IP Alliance

More Info: A lively discussion of inventors’ experiences with and perceptions of the IP protections available to innovators, what they might do differently today, suggestions for those seeking protection, and advice on navigating the systems.