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Virtual Team Meeting


Serving as a connecting hub, the ILIPA highlights key events of interest to Illinois creators, protectors and enablers of intellectual property.

Illinois Intellectual Property Alliance presents


Introducing the Patent Hub Services and Experience

The US Patent and Trademark Office has established Patent Hubs in most of the state, including Illinois. 


Roger Rozanski, Director of the Illinois Patent Hub, joins Calvin Flowers, an Illinois inventor and President of the Chicago Inventors Organization, to describe the services offered to qualifying inventors.  The Patent Hub is located at Chicago-Kent College of Law and is available to inventors residing in Illinois and who qualify based on certain income thresholds.  

Join us for an illuminating presentation of a service that may be critical to an innovator assessing the value of an invention.  

Alexander Karana and Shannon Mastick - Co-Moderators

Roger Rozanski - Director, Illinois Patent Hub and Lecturer, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Calvin Flowers - Director of the Chicago Inventors Organization. Calvin is the inventor of the “Tel-Lock”.



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