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Virtual Team Meeting


Two experts share their experience assisting clients with the recovery of monetary awards for the misappropriation of trade secrets, including some best practices for business. 

Illinois Intellectual Property Alliance presents

Business Practices that Facilitate the Recovery of Monetary Awards for Trade Secret Misappropriation

Join IP attorney Megan New and CPA Robert McSorley in a discussion of their experience in the recovery of monetary awards for the misappropriation/theft of trade secrets.  Because of the intangible characteristics of trade secrets (as well as other IP), identifying their value is often very difficult, but is very necessary in litigation.  

The Illinois Intellectual Property Alliance cordially invites you to join us for a discussion with these two experts as they share their experiences assisting clients recoveer for trade secret misappropriation.  Megan and Bob will discuss business practices that facilitate the recovery of monetary awards for trade secret misappropriation as well as the approaches they have successfully utilized to quantify measures of recovery available to owners of misappropriate trade secret.  

Time is alloted for questions to these experts who operate in a wide variety of industries and various types of intellectual property and IP management.  

The conversation is online on 20 July 2022 from noon-1 p.m.


Robert McSorley - Managing Director of Ocean Tomo LLC; focused on quantifying measures and amounts of monetary recovery for the infringement/misappropriation of intellectual property. 

Megan New  - Partner with Barnes & Thornburg LLP; focuses on intellectual property prosecution, protection, and litigation. 


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