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Virtual Team Meeting


A conversation between two trademark experts that highlights the importance of trademarks in business and the ways that they contribute to the value of the business

Illinois Intellectual Property Alliance presents

A Conversation on the Value of Trademarks to Business

Join a virtual conversation between trademark and copyright attorneys Lisa Iverson and Alice Kelly to highlight the value that trademarks, brands, and domain names bring to a business--frequently the most valuable intellectual assets of the company!  Both of these experienced IP attorneys have worked with companies to manage, license, and otherwise enhance the value of the trademark portfolios.  Alice's practice includes trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, franchise enforcement and licensing.  Lisa has expertise in counseling clients about their Intellectual Property portfolios with respect to strategy, brand protection, and monitoring.

Time is allotted for questions to these experts who operate in a wide variety of industries and related areas of law and IP management.  

The conversation is online on 30 March 2022 from noon-1 p.m.

Lisa Iverson - Founder, Iverson-IP Law Firm with a focus on all aspects of trademark, copyright, and domain name areas of the law both domestic and international.  

Alice Kelly - Partner, Ice Miller Legal Counsel, member of the IP Group and handles all aspects of trademark law and brand management both domestic and international.  


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